Living the dream in Hipster Houston

PilotGirl is living the dream. I’m on assignment in Texas with former Travel Channel host, Samantha Brown. Cameras are rolling daily on the thriving metropolis of Houston, home of the Space Center, renowned Grand Opera house and more than 11,000 restaurants.

But, best of all, this cultural mecca is dripping in fun, funky, vibrant street art. It’s one of the many reasons we’re here.

“Damn! Look at your rig. That camera is so gangsta!” smiles my new street artist friend that goes simply by the nickname, Gonzo.

Whew! What a relief. With that comment, I’m accepted into the counter-culture lifestyle of hipster Houston. And what an amazing vibe this city breathes.

Gonzo spends the next 2 days with us, showing off eclectic neighborhoods where he and his spray paint buddies splash the sides of buildings, stairwells, train cars, and bridges with rainbow colors. The panoramas are larger than life.

While graffiti is illegal, street art is done by professionals with formal training and a ton of talent. The murals depict the life, culture and values unique to each artist and each neighborhood. Crowds of locals and visitors come to capture the murals with their i-phones, some are permanent, others are not.

My DP and I captured their blood, sweat and tears with drones, Osmo cameras, GoPros and more. There’s even a museum in town dedicated to the history of the craft: The GasAm.

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