Shallow diving with Joan Jett in the Caribbean Ocean

Getting to the dive resort location in eastern Puerto Rico couldn’t have been easier. I’ve bragged about San Juan’s Caribe Hilton all week, so why stop now? From the lobby, we were able to easily secure a rental car, a cute little Kia Soul, with Enterprise for my last day in Puerto Rico. A bargain too, only $25 for the day.

Aqua Adventures was in full prep mode when we arrived. The crew was loading equipment onto a 45-foot Newton to accommodate dozens wanting to snorkel, scuba dive, bubble-watch (people who prefer to watch) and a new adventure called SNUBA or Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

With the supervision of professional SNUBA guides, Aqua Adventures is the only company in Puerto Rico licensed to do so.

With an over-the-top Minnesotan accent, Boat Captain, Nick Holt, introduced himself and his cast of helpful characters onboard. The team would prove to help make safe our adventure to a sandbar around Isla Palominos and a second spot called Caye Diablo.

“These places are unique because of the reef and how they are protected. Temperature-wise, current-wise, surge-wise; these spots are protected from the Atlantic which provides all the life because they are sheltered inside the Caribbean.”

Many of the guests enjoyed seafaring on rough waves swaying gracefully to the funky collection of island music blasting from the boat stereo. Poor Susan wasn’t quite as relaxed.

New to the experience, my new friend contributed greatly to chumming the wide expanse of blue water. Actually, so did I. Maybe we enjoyed one too many pieces of watermelon generously supplied during the 30-minute lunch break?

But the misery of being seasick passed quickly, distracted by wild dolphins on the horizon and swimming with endangered sea turtles. Also, who can help but strike up conversations with so many witty, heartfelt and gadget-carrying pro’s?

Enjoy this embedded sequence compiled from the day. I’m still waiting to download GoPro footage shot by others but, for now, make note of George’s joie de vivre at the end of the video:

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