Digging Leslie’s West Coast rental in White Rock, British Columbia

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Though she prefers to label herself a collector, Leslie (also a classic pianist) is clearly a hoarder.  But, given that she rents a house with over 6,400 square feet of space odds are good that her obsession is fueled by having room for lots of stuff.

Her 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom rental resides in White Rock, British Columbia, a sprawling seaside municipality 20 miles south of Vancouver and only a couple miles from the border with Washington State.

After a long day of shooting, Leslie invited us to dinner and an overnight stay. We entered the foyer to the aroma of sweet onions and paprika mixed with that “other stuff” that Canadians take for granted.   Doug and I dropped our bags… and then our jaws.

With one quick glance, this house was Boogie Nights, Mad Men and Brady Bunch all juxtaposed into one.   A midcentury-modern time capsule cantilevered off a bluff overlooking the Pacific coastline built in 1956.   Clearly, this was no ordinary rental!  I pressed Leslie for a tour.

“Sadly, everything here is destined for demolition because the owner wants to built a condo in its place,” she frowned.

The space resembled the style of twentieth-century famed architect, Richard Neutra.  If it were though it would be preserved.  Neutra was known for bringing the outside in.   This three-story treasure overlooked the landmark White Rock pier thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass windows in nearly every room.

The foyer flowed into a ranch-style Great Room where an enormous hearthside nook and tall flue drew our attention.   The intimate sunken pit included a built-in seat and tiled flooring but no protective railings to keep people from falling in.  So much for building codes in the post-war decade.

Above our heads hung three enormous cascading chandeliers suspended from weathered wooden beams.    In the corners of the room jutted two inconspicuous rooflines that helped to break up the shape of the facade.

In the kitchen stood an enormous butcher block island with a range hood.  I kid you not, it was the size of a chimney!

I could go on but without proper photos it’s hard to appreciate my descriptions.  Still, regardless of our late-night holiday bacchanalia, I did what I could with my tiny iphone.