History likes to repeat itself when it comes to my beloved tv equipment. The never ending saga of United Airlines misplacing my luggage continued when I flew home the other day. Yes, the Miller tripod went MIA, again, when I arrived in Albany on Monday. I couldn’t believe it either.

What are odds of an airline misplacing luggage on 2 consecutive flights in less than 96 hours? Presumably pretty high because I stood in line with plenty of pissed off passengers commiserating our bad fortunes. Any other airline would issue vouchers to placate our dispositions but not United. We are all forced to write lengthy snail mails to the corporate offices before we get, or if we get, any retribution.

But on a nicer note, my 26 year old cousin from Germany arrived today and thank goodness, all of her bags were accounted for. It’s her first time in the states and I intend to treat her to everything in the Northeast that makes our area so wonderful. No, that wouldn’t be Walmart, McDonalds or bowling. With only 3 days to split the fun, I was thinking quality outlet shopping in Lenox/Lee on Thursday, downhill skiing in Vermont on Friday and a historical tour of Albany on Saturday.

If time permits, maybe a heartfelt comedy at the Spectrum 8 in downtown Albany followed by a specialty martini at a hip lounge bar in Saratoga. The euro goes a lot further in the states than in Europe and the cost of stuff here is half of what it is there. So, with so much to do and so little time we’re making every precious second count!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your 2nd tripod hassle within a few days, Sony. Maybe you should send it separately a few days ahead (if you’re forced to fly United again) so that once they’ve lost it and found it you and it will arrive simultaneously at your destination for a change.That sounds like a great 3-day trip for your cousin from Germany. Welcome to the US, German cousin!Enjoy those specialty martinis!

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