Dairy Farm

Ouch! At least buy a girl a drink before you do that to her!

Poor Bessie the bovine didn’t object to the long, warm rod inserted into her…ummmm…and within seconds, she was artificially inseminated. She winced only a little as the plunger from the semen gun released the only chance at her giving birth.

Today, I’m on assignment with the happy herds of Welcome Stock Farm in Schuylerville, NY. The seventh generation dairy farmers breed champion cows, bulls and embryos to buyers around the world.

Co-owners, Bill Peck and his brother Neil, operate the quality genetics program that yields healthy herds with high milk production. The family are one of several hundreds that contribute to the Cabot Creamery Cooperative that produce world class cheddar and other cheeses.

Our on-camera host instructor used to work at this Washington County farm so he knows everything there is to know about Holsteins. He provides us with a tour of the milking parlor, feeding barns and calf housing.

The young stock are no more than a day or two old and already friendly and curious. Their long, slippery tongues slap at my wide angle lens as they try to nuzzle my tripod.

Yes, I’m lactose-intolerant and just recorded a squeamish reproductive procedure, but it’s off to Stewarts for an ice cream milkshake!

(Photo courtesy of Cengage Learning and Michael Gallitelli of Metroland Photo)

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