Who has the best buns in NYC? Levain Bakery on 74th and Amsterdam, of course!

I hurried down to NYC this morning to shoot an episode for the Food Network called “Unwrapped.” To avoid the GW Bridge traffic, I left super early. When I arrived, I could smell the sweet aroma wafting from the basement shop not far from Central Park.

It was just before sunrise and co-owner Connie McDonald was busy baking goods like dripping hot chocolate chip cookies, raspberry bomboloncini and the crowning jewel – sticky buns! I was über hungry and found the right assignment to fill the tank.

Kristen Chenoweth named the gooey pecan cinnamon roll one of three things in NYC she can’t live without. And, Oprah Winfrey had them on her show in March during which the raisin cinnamon won a taste-testing contest.

With the exception of today, the buns are only sold on weekends and, by the sounds of it, the line of passersby and locals snake down the street. I’ll be here until Sunday to find out how crowded it really gets.

Because the subterranean space is extremely small, leashed pets and empty strollers wait by the door. Cookie crumbs and fallen raisins scatter the sidewalk like a tempting trail for others to follow.

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