I’m back in Bermuda for another 4 days but this time rather than race around the hotel checking everything out I hurried down to the beach to catch some rays with my new friend. Just in time for Halloween a friendly black cat joined me for a catnap while the sun melted into the ocean.

As mentioned by our taxicab driver 99% of this island imports everything they need to survive; that includes gasoline at $7/gallon, expensive cars that are taxed 100% and even raw vegetables. Though this tiny fertile island can grow plenty of tomatoes, carrots, bananas, cabbage, beans and lettuce for themselves (only 6000 residents) during tourist season it’s simply not enough. I don’t suspect so when millionaires like Ross Perot and Michael Bloomberg have homes here and invite their entourage to join them every weekend. As well as the annual PGA tournament that tees-off here this weekend with guys like Jim Furyk, Angel Cabrera and Padraig Harrington.

The tummy is talking louder than my keyboard so it’s off to enjoy a hearty dinner somewhere, preferably outside so I can listen to waves breaking and see stars shining.

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