The private island is a regular stop for Carnival cruise lines but outside a few budding hibiscus plants and pools of stingrays, there’s not much to see at Half Moon Cay.

The girls undocked to be closer to Rick’s reserved Cabana on the windswept beach. Unlike in Nassau, Rick’s fans didn’t swarm him like a beehive. Lathered in tanning oil, JoAnn, Sue and the rest of my new favorite BFF’s, hung low on lawn chairs soaking up the sun.

The day was relatively lowkey until the sun melted into the ocean currents and then it was back to party central aboard the Carnival Destiny.

That evening Yellow Rick Road Productions captured an exclusive acoustic duet with Rick and 1970’s vocalist Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon.

Cronin did rousing renditions of hits like “Keep On Loving You” and “Can’t Fight This Feeling” while MTV D.J. host Mark Goodman lobbed Q&A at both and Rick choked up at “Saint Sahara”.

Maybe some of my readers attended the 2009 REO/STYX /38 Special tour with tickets as low as $13.50 to accommodate for the recession?

Despite the fan base of all three, Cronin gasped at the loyalty of Rick’s fans when he was quickly corrected that he was not playing the correct melody during an early and obscure tune.


In between songs and sips of red wine Rick sucked down peanut butter to cure a terrible case of hiccups. His sticky finger accidentally flicked the pick into the audience. Hey, more memorabilia for his fans.

The poor guy also split the tendon in his left shoulder, hence the copious amounts of red wine, he admitted… the audience got it.

“When you take the Rick Springfield Cruise, it’s like joining an exclusive club” said Cronin. In unison the audience belted out: “And, what happens on the ship, stays on the ship!”

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