Vassar College Known to scores of single gals as Anthony Marentino on “Sex and the City”, Mario Cantone made good on another brilliant performance at Vassar College this weekend.

Cantone played a flamboyant real-life impersonator (Craig Russell) in a 2-person play written by David Solomon, a former alum of the 1861 liberal arts college. BTW – Vassar College proved to be one of most impressive Seven Sister Colleges I’ve ever NOT been to. Why I haven’t explored this campus before is inexcusable.

Because of that though, George and I ducked in 10 minutes late at the Susan Stein Shiva Theater. ‘Craig and Margaret’ was already underway.

Cantone’s character played Craig or Russell Craig Eadie, a famous Canadian impersonator who died at 42 yrs of Aids in 1990. Craig did standup comedy impersonating female celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Tallulah Bankhead, Bette Davis and Mae West.

Cantone completely threw himself into the roll, channeling both the dead actor and the female divas he mimicked. Those in the front row can vouch for the intimacy of the theater as they were sprayed with sputter when Cantone sang Judy Garland.

Like the mental illness played by Jeni Verdon (Margaret Gibson) the show got a bit too schizophrenic and outrageous for many to follow. Had I not listened to the WAMC interview between Sarah LaDuke and Cantone on Friday, I would’ve been lost. I found it amusing but older generations sitting around me twitched restlessly every time the F-bomb was used.

Still, everyone bounced out of their seats for a well-deserved standing ovation for both superior actors.

P.S. I would have gladly taken a photo of Cantone and PilotGirl but my poor camera sat waterlogged in the car.

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