West Point Academy

This is not my photo but a stock photo of the school’s graduation ceremonies. Thursday was far less cheery and formal but my crew made the most of the shoot with umbrellas and camera covers. Still, cadets lucky enough to attend four years here are surrounded by beauty, even for a lousy Autumn day.

PilotGirl met up with the producer at the museum for a quick debriefing on the days locations including classrooms in Thayer Hall, exteriors of the new $62 million library and a modernized PE building. When night fell, low gray clouds wafted over the legendary stone church unfurling a dozen stories of hauntings from our tour guide.

Having an assignment at this world-famous campus was a special privilege because I adore Gothic and Romanesque collegiate history and it was founded way back in 1802, originally for military reasons by President Thomas Jefferson.

Sarge, Mutti and me like to make a day out of visiting the museum, the oldest and largest in the country and then paying our respects to the grave sites of Generals Washington, Sherman, Lee, Patton, Bradley and Eisenhower.

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