It’s late September – the pools have all closed, the lawnmower is collecting cobwebs and the kids are back in school. What’s left to do? Keep the momentum going by hiking the Adirondacks, of course!

Mom and I and our dog Renee enjoyed a short tramp up Thomas & Cat Mountains in the Adirondacks this weekend. The first gave us a 180-degree overview of Lake George, the second an even more stunning 270-degree view.

Atop Thomas, we sat in the spot where, despite public opposition, the state Department of Environmental Conservation last December razed a fairly new 1-room cabin. An article in the Adirondack Explorer said “the cabin had been vandalized and misused and had become a public-safety nuisance.”

(They should have also removed the outhouse while they were at it.)

The two mountains are part of the Lake George 12sters, 12 peaks surrounding Lake George that includes an additional six peaks on the Tongue Mountain Range: Brown, Huckleberry, Five Mile, Fifth Peak, French Point, and First Peak. On the East side of the lake, the challenge includes Black, Erebus, Sleeping Beauty, and Buck mountain. A winter, ultra, and winter ultra option are available for those that want an extra challenge.

For more photos visit my FLICKR album.

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