I knew that the Luther Forest Tech Campus in Malta, NY was number one in nanotech manufacturing and R&D but trail building?  Once I started exploring the area, I discovered miles of peaceful, quiet footpaths that didn’t feel  anywhere near such a busy, international infrastructure.

Way to go Malta for thoughtfully balancing campus design and commercial zones with critical green space!

Some of those spaces include the 100 Acre Wood Trail System.   I took the dogs, Mutti and sis on a short loop between two parking areas for two miles.  We only saw two other wanderers during the walk.   The town, or was it Luther Forest, spared no expense designing the benches with slabs of polished granite.

There was also a nicely constructed foot bridge descending through a ravine that passed over a gurgling brook (Anthony kill?).   I nearly stepped on a nice-sized garter snake sunbathing on a step.

Another nice addition, though few would notice, was a long-running thin mat concealed under the pine needles on the trails.   I imagine it was laid down to help eliminate trail erosion and allow vegetation to flourish.  Smart.

And not far from where we hiked, we found several more miles of single track for fat tired and mountain biking. The STEP Trails describes it as perfect for beginners but the videos I watched on their Facebook page topped my adventure threshold.   The nearby multi-use Zim Smith Rail Trail with access to a historic 1888 lenticular truss bridge was more my speed.

No surprise, there’s more to Malta than meets the eye.  Check out the Malta Ecological Park where boardwalks lead to a pond with beaver dams and the 90-acre Round Lake Preserve which is perfect for paddling.

For more information, visit:  Saratoga PLAN and Town of Malta websites.

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