Looking for luxury? Swimming pools have always been the best way a hotel can spoil its guests. Hot springs are even better. They’re the tranquil oasis that awaits guests after a busy day at a conference or the hectic hustle of the city. And, Hainan Island has bragging rights to literally hundreds in one area.

From the capital city of Haikou at the top of the island to the ultra-modern city of Sanya (pronounced like my name) at the southern tip, I was buoyed by all the tropical wonders. And, believe it or not, it was the Holiday Inn Resort near Qionghai Meiling Lake that recharged my lithiums.

Like a bobbing teabag, I floated in the warm elixir of life and stared up at the stars. Ahhh, heaven! A satchel of aromatherapy, in this case, some sweet cocoa beans, wafted in the air. The din of light bubbles from the jets and nocturnal songsters amplified my solitude.

At $77/night, finding my inner-zen was a steal. The temperature of each hot tub varied by a few degrees. I found that 100-degrees was ample enough for me.

This was just one in a thermal suite of 30 hot tubs pumped full by underground natural geysers.  The phenomena, due to volcanic activity, in this case, dormant now and dating back many millions of years. Small earthquakes still remind visitors of its geological history.

Friends from Denmark and Norway were no match for my water-thirsty indulgences. I stayed until the bartender, err, I mean towel boy, insisted in his best, broken English that it was closing time.

The guitar-shaped pool proved you don’t need to be a rockstar to enjoy luxury travel.

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