Pork Belly App
Pork Belly App at Prepkitchen in Little Italy on India Street in San Diego

Wielding a set of sticks and a camera all day would make anyone thirsty and hungry but shedding calories doesn’t mean you can indulge in fast food either. No need for “In-N-Out” or the local pizza parlor when there’s no shortage of healthy food options in California. And being that the kitchen is naturally the most comfortable room in the house – San Diego has integrated the word into many of their farm-to-table restaurants.

This week I’m in San Diego, home of 70-miles of coastline, Hotel del Coronado, Naval yards and surfing Swami’s. But, also home to the birth of the health conscious philosophy. Locally pasture-raised beef, wild caught seafood just off the coast, tender greens grown from planters attached to restaurant walls, given the temperate weather of San Diego, it’s easy to consume fresh.

In Mission Valley, at the outdoor Fashion Mall we dined at a new concept restaurant called True Food Kitchen, the basis for Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet. In Little Italy, we dined at an eatery voted the “Best New Restaurant” for 2013 called Prepkitchen. While walking around the Seaport, we found a quintessential Southern California stop called Marina Kitchen. And in the GasLamp Quarter, yes, yet again that word surfaces at Nature’s Kitchen with ingredients entirely sourced from local and organic farms.

I even noticed that some chefs have their own “mini-farms” behind their restaurants like at Kitchen 4140.

I especially like that regional American cuisine can be substituted, swapped and shared in a communal setting. Everywhere we went people dined al fresco at a beautiful patio or terrace. At True Food Kitchen, we sat outdoors next to strangers-turned-friends that also cheered about the improved choices of healthy living.

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