I’ve been experimenting with going vegan this month but The Big E sabotaged my good intentions.

Never heard of The Big E?  It’s only the most ridiculous food spectacle on the East coast, a veritable paradise for carnivores and a nightmare for herbivores.

This is the final weekend of a 101-year-old exhibition that takes place annually in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  Saturday was the first time I’ve been to this iconic fair.  My friends have been coming for years.

As expected, vendors were hawking traditional favorites like funnel cake, corn dogs, BBQ briskets, cotton candy and Whoopie pies. But, in true New England fashion, most of the participants were gathered in long lines for savory culinary oddities like: deep-fried Oreos, Koolaid and jelly beans, heaping bowls of emu, kangaroo and alligator chili and messy plates of something called a Flatliner burger.   It dripped with a combination of chili, cheese sauce, bacon and fries.

A word to the wise, remain blissful ignorant of the grease, calories and serving size ratios and you’ll do fine .   Inevitably, and without apologies, I fell off my plant-based wagon with delicious chilled lobster roll from the Maine building.

Others will extoll the virtues of the live animals, Midway rides, creative arts shops and gritty country bands but when it comes right down to it – it’s the crazy foods that reign supreme!

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