Race Brook Falls


PilotGirl Productions has very few creative projects on the horizon so, as a result, a new series I’ve penned “Mountains with Mutti.” This first short vignette takes us to the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, not far from the border of Connecticut, and only about 55 miles from Albany.

Warm weather on Sunday toppled records and that gave Mutti and me (and little Renee) a chance to hike in short-sleeve shirts, sans microspikes. Little Renee went without her red parka for the first time in weeks.

We decided on Race Brook Falls and Mount Everett near Sheffield, a 6-mile roundtrip, easy enough for anyone who starts early. The thing is, we started late.

During winter, normally, five distinct waterfalls are a frosty, frozen fairyland showcasing dramatic ice formations and dazzling vistas. But with temps in the mid-60s, there wasn’t one jaw-dropping icicle to be found.

Instead, a torrent of deafening cold water rushed over the 300-foot horsetail turning the east side of the mountain into a waterlogged mess. We marveled at the vertical wall of power. The flow was just as spectacular as the nearby Bash Bish Falls.

Chasing the light, we decided to head back to the car early.  With great relief, the Sheffield Marketplace welcomed us with Zoe Burgers and Reubens while the nearby Big Elm Brewing Company did the same with a flight of four-ounce lagers, imperial stouts, and IPAs. Keg-Meister Stephen Whalen provided us with samples of Kombucha called Royal Phoenix (4% ABV) that were most tasty.

Within minutes, the taproom was abuzz with Sunday hikers like us.   A loop of Rush’s most beloved songs, a tribute to drummer extraordinaire, Neil Peart, who died earlier in the week, blasted on overhead speakers.    

Maybe I should have penned the name of my new hiking series, “The Frau and Bräu”!

Enjoy the video:  https://youtu.be/K4NGWhvmzrk

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