The adrenaline rush of whitewater tubing in the spring is like no other. And, rivers throughout the Adirondacks are great at providing moments of peril and uncertainty. But, when the water levels are low, like in summer, the experience takes on a different temperament. It’s called pure bliss, relaxation and enjoyment.

Last month, my friends, Debbie, Stacy, Karen and their rambunctious lot, splashed down on the banks of the Hudson river. Karen had made reservations for us with an outfit in Lake Luzerne called Adirondack Tubing Adventures. It was finally my turn to join in on their annual adventure!

After signing in, a whopping 76 of us were escorted to the starting point of the river by our ace bus driver Franny and her precocious granddaughter. Alongside Lori and another guide, all helped to educate our wet heads on the beauty of the environment.

Rocks needed dodging and our butts occasionally scraped bottom but the current remained swift. We carefully passed around bags of sandwiches and chips from one tube to another, trying not to drop our precious loot into an eddy. The kids gorged on my Mom’s homemade zucchini bread as if it were their last supper.

My thirst, appetite and need for drama surfaced only near the end…

That’s when Debbie’s boy Ben lost his shoe while swimming outside his tube. The Hudson river is notorious for a rocky bottom gravel surface and quite painful on tender toes. Without a moment of hesitation, Debbie sprang into action. She hurled her little helpless bundle onto her back and fought her way to the safety of the tubes.

Okay, admittedly, there was no real imminent danger, however the waterproof rubber soles were long gone.

If you too want to experience one of the most effortless adventures to find in the ‘daks, this is it!

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