Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Saturday was National Get Outdoors Day and I wasted no time taking a family member who suffers from debilitating Muscular Dystrophy on an easy hike near Lenox, Massachusetts.

The Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary boasts several universally accessible trails, clean bathrooms and a beautiful Education Center.

Sis felt completely safe and comfortable traversing the soft trails many with boardwalks and bridges over low-lying water. I could tell that she was reconnecting with this unexplained rhythm in all of us to slow down and smell the roses, or, in this case, blooming pink mountain laurel.

Mother nature quiets the mind and heals the heart and best of all, at the Sanctuary, there’s no need for bug repellent! Neither us had to swat at any annoying mosquitos, black flies or deer flies.

This sensory-loaded experience in a peaceful environment proved perfect for a day designed to encourage outdoor fun.

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

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