Technology gadgets and gifts were huge this year. I know 5 people alone who received the same Nikon digital camera on Christmas morning and several others who upgraded their ipods and cell phones. And, what’s so wonderful is that both Nikon and Apple understand that recycling is key to upgrading.

Both websites offer environmental action plans to discard your old analog camera and/or ipod and cell phone. Corporations can no longer go forward without a green philosophy in place to combat global warming. Many are taking measures to protect against deforestation and desertification. Others are seeking a reduction in hazardous chemical substances like carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), and dioxin. And, even more so are committing to waste reduction in the workplace and product design, like paper, metal and glass. What a wonderful time to be alive to witness nascent environment action plans coming together to save the planet.

And, for those who think only corporations only feel this way check out the music of Radiohead. They hired a Oxford company called Best Foot Forward to analyze the carbon and ecological footprints of their tours and determined ways to cut down on fan travel, consumption, venue energy and transportation of themselves and gear. They’ve decided to start sea freighting their equipment instead of air freighting because it’s 93% more efficient and saves 47 tonnes of CO2. And they are avoiding chartered flights and taking more efficient road and rail transportation to get to each city they play. Now, that’s commitment!

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