Jeremy & Shannon Drowne are the couple who run the best outdoor apparel/gear shop in Plattsburgh, Kinetic Running.   They relocated from Saratoga to Plattsburgh in 2015 and quickly found their niche in sharing their love of health, fitness and quality retail with a community of other outdoor enthusiasts.

Their 10 year old daughter Olivia is the snowshoe director for the Kid’s Snowshoe Scramble, also called the Cock-A-Doodle-Shoe 10K, held every January at the New Land Trust.  Friendly competition among kids is what the North Country offers to endure their harsh winters.

The Kinetic Running shop’s mascot and the snowshoe race are both a tribute to the legend of Plucky the Rooster. The “badass gamecock” helped the Yanks defeat the British during the War of 1812.

While I donned the camera, Mountain Lake PBS reporter Kevin Cooney took to a network of trails on his rented snowshoes at a place called the New Land Trust. This untamed hidden gem lies about 20 miles southwest of Plattsburgh in the shadow of Lyon Mountain.

With Jeremy leading the exercise, we crisscrossed just a small shred of the whopping 287 acres available for XC skiing, snowshoeing, birdwatching and hiking. The conditions were ideal for snowshoeing but we, pretty much, had the beautiful venue all to ourselves.

“This is what you call a rooster tail,” explained Jeremy. He pointed to the back of his snowshoe where snow kicked up and fanned out everywhere.

How perfect…another connection to our fearless feathered friend.

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