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I’m not usually one for perfume or natural oils because of my allergies and adverse reactions. But upon traveling through the quaint fishing village of Newburyport in Northern Boston today, I discovered a remedy for that at The Fragrance Bar: Scents without alcohol.

It’s always the high alcohol content that triggers sneezing as well as shortens the shelf life of a perfume. Some of those acclaimed fragrances also cost a fortune. But, the Nantucket Oils boutique, with it’s hundreds of glass mixing bottles and aromatherapy supplies, sells 1000 alcohol-free versions of brand-name potions. I was bound to find my flavor of choice for well under what department stores charge.

It wasn’t Chanel No. 5 or Lovely by Sarah Jessina Parker or Clinique’s Happy but a fragrance by Japanese fashion designer Hanae Mori that I scored for only $45. A mix of vanilla, praline, almonds and flowers, this poison smells better than dark chocolate melting on a icecream sundae, if that’s possible.

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  1. That looks like a fun shop to work in! And what a visual treat those shelves are! I just tried something I’ve never consciously tried before: ‘smelling’ fragrances in my mind based on reading their names. Vanilla I could smell easily and it came with a hint of cinnamon. Thinking of flowers, I smelled roses or carnations. Pralines and almonds I could see but not taste or small. Dark chocolate melting on an ice cream sundae – no trouble ‘smelling’ or ‘tasting’ that at all! Yum! Is that one of their fragrances?

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