Last night, Deb and I met at Troy’s Revolution Hall to cheer on one of my favorite 1980’s British bands, The FIXX. As expected, Lead Singer Cy Curnin, gave a great live rendition of some of my old favorites; “Secret Separation”, “Saved By Zero” and “Stand or Fall”. I loved this band in the 1980’s! Their second album released in 1983, “Reach the Beach” had this super catchy single, “One Thing Leads to Another” and yes, they played it! Deb and I were in nostalgic heaven! Swaying, clapping and jumping around like teenage girls to crinkly gray-haired British Pop legends. Sadly, time has not been kind to my road-touring icons…but twenty years ago, Teen Beat posters of them, Bowie, and Berne lined my bedroom walls. Their “New Wave” sound, darker and moodier than most, became a staple in my collection and Deb and I talked about how fortunate we were to grow up during the Arms Race and MTV generation. For it was in the 80’s that conscience-evoking lyrics, like those written by The Fixx, shaped a listeners perception of the world. Today’s MTV rapsheet is a disgrace. After the show I took away a produced bootleg for a few bucks and a couple snapshots. Their photos are hanging by my bedside again.

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