My little sis wrecked her new used car last week having driven it for only 3 weeks. The poor thing had no collision insurance and innocently pleaded guilty for failing to look over her shoulder parallel parking. Damages ranged in the thousands of dollars and I felt a little faint at the thought of helping bail another family member out again. Then, as if on cue, the clouds lifted, the rain stopped, the sun peered down on us and an Italian body shop owner by the name of Joseph Cannistraci came to our rescue. “I’ve been in business 33 years!” he exclaimed proudly, “the oldest body shop in town girls”. It didn’t take long for his expertise to win me over. His shop was 2 blocks from the accident and if we had to, we could push the little purple Neon there, avoiding a costly towing charge. In less than a week, Joe and his Italian brother fixed the bumper, changed the tire, replaced the struts, aligned the wheels and made it all uber affordable. Up until today the only two Italian mechanics, or any car mechanics for that matter, honest enough for me to trust their sage words of wisdom were Tom and Ray Magliozzi of NPR’s CarTalk. Move over Click & Clack, the Cannistraci brothers have cuter accents and more hair and they’d sure look good behind your Boston periscopes, errr, I mean microphones.

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