Biden Beach House

For my big 5-0, I wanted to soak in the sun and savor the delights of an island-inspired birthday.  I chalked up enough frequent flier miles in 2020 to earn a free flight to Hawaii.  The state had reopened the border on October 15 and it sounded safe.   But, as November neared, I thought better of the trip.  Travel anywhere but within the Northeast corridor just seemed a little reckless and too risky.

But, no sooner did I call the trip off when a call was made on the presidential election results.  My candidate won!  The news launched me into paradise without even boarding a plane!   Immediately, I knew where I wanted to celebrate: the beautiful blue state of Biden’s Delaware.

There’s a lot more to this birthday bash like burrata at Heirloom, bare-back riding on the beach, and fishing for a seasonal delicacy called tautog.   Until it’s up and running on, enjoy this indie I shot/edited about bunking in Lewe’s at the Dogfish Inn.

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