West Dover, Vermont: Double the snow, half the crowds

Timber Creek

Timber Creek XC Trails

Timber Creek XC Trails

With 22″ of new snow in the last two days (seriously!), Mom and I spent an impromptu afternoon in quintessential Vermont.

The Timber Creek Cross County Ski Area is 90-minutes from Albany and right off scenic Route 100.   

I called Joy in advance to ask about their pandemic policy for out-of-staters.  For the purpose of contact tracing, I filled out a COVID sign-in sheet online with the option of doing so on-premise. 

The Mount Snow Valley is a draw for adrenaline junkies.  I know, I used to be one. 

Timber Creek XC TrailsSnow tubing, skiing, boarding, downhill mountain biking, a menagerie of recreational choices are found in Southern Vermont.  A stark contrast to Albany’s mud-ugly conditions the Green Mountains are a marvel of packed powder.  An unexpected winter wonderland.   

Days rocketing down black-diamonds are long gone but Timber Creek has their share of nailbiters. While Mom got her bearings on the wide, groomed trails I hit a few challenging spots.  Some white-knuckle stuff had me snowplowing a good share of the Hill Top/Pumper Trail.

 At 77-years, Mom is determined to get out there.   She didn’t let a few spills and chills get the best of her. John helped us wax down the tips and tails and get us back on the trails. 

A group lesson was happening as we bought our passes from a vintage Shasta special.  The trailer was hauled up from Georgia (plates are still on it) so customers wouldn’t have to enter the guest house to purchase passes. 

This quaint little slice of skiing utopia is thoughtfully groomed by the owner who waved goodbye to me from his bright orange nordic mower. 

Timber Creek XC Trail owner

Timber Creek XC Trails

Timber Creek XC Trails