Ice Castles Lake George
Time for the lights to debut at the Ice Castles! @lakegeorgearea
Lake George Ice Castles
Local Day at the Ice Castles offered Warren County residents an advantage with a $5 entrance fee. @lakegeorgearea
Lake George Ice Castles
Adults and kids alike reveled in the maze of tunnels and chutes. @lakegeorgearea
Lake George Ice Castles
Caught up in another world while inside the Lake George Ice Castles. @lakegeorgearea
Pinnacle Mountain Lake George
One of the best views of Lake George from atop Pinnacle Mountain. @lakegeorgearea
Hiking Pinnacle Mountain
Hiking and hoping that by the time we get to the top the sun will come out. (It did!) @lakegeorgearea
Rock Hill Bakery Glens Falls
Apres-hike at Glens Falls Rock Hill bakery! @lakegeorgearea
Rock Hill Bakery
Fresh baked bread just in time for our sandwich order. Thank you Rock Hill Bakery! @lakegeorgearea
Rock Hill Bakery Glens Falls
Jumping for joy over marble rye and local art! @lakegeorgearea
Queensbury Hotel Park 26 restaurant
Igloo living during dinner hour at Park 26, the glamorous restaurant at the Queensbury Hotel.
Queensbury Hotel Park 26
Reinventing the pandemic challenge inside a 7-foot-tall heated igloo outfitted with wool blankets and candles. @lakegeorgearea
Queensbury Hotel Lobby
The 1926 lobby of the landmark Queensbury Hotel holds the secrets of many celebrity guests including Benny Goodman, Guy Lombardo, Robert F. Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong and Kenny Rogers.

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