Do a Double Take This Weekend in Greenfield

Kelsey Flynn will present one of the short pieces at Double Take Fringe Festival this weekend.

Kelsey Flynn will present one of the short pieces at Double Take Fringe Festival this weekend.

Last year one of the arts highlights of Greenfield’s busy assortment of fun events was the Double Take Fringe Festival. If you like variety and enjoy the fun of hopping from venue to venue, you’ll love this two night event this Friday and Saturday Nov 9-10. Read about last year’s festival here.

Linda McInerny of Old Deerfield Productions is the founder and brains behind this collection of short theater pieces performed in fun venues like the little stage on the second floor of Hope and Olive, at the Arts Block, the Greenfield Grill banquet Room and at GCC’s Downtown building.
Kelsey Flynn will be performing a one-woman show at GCC Downtown called Wrath of Mom, which I’m sure will be angry/sad/funny and have an awful lot to do with her wacky experiences of motherhood.  The Ha-Has will again take over that space above H&O for their improv comedy–last year they were one of the festival highlights. It’s amazing what they can think of to say right off the cuff without a script.
Steve Angel will scare the hell out of the audience at the Arts Block with a show called Onword:TERROR, with scary stories by horror writer HP Lovecraft.
These are just some of the treats in store—eight short theater pieces all over town. It’s short theater, in small tasty bites. With Greenfield’s large assortment of diverse restaurants you can keep up the spirit by having appetizers at one place.your main at another then dessert someplace else!
Find the whole schedule at Tickets are just $10 for one night and $15 for both nights, in case you, like me last year, wanted to see more and didn’t make it to all eight shows.
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