Lessons Learned from Lunching Things I Really Love

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  1. Pam
    January 8, 2018 @ 4:26 pm

    Hi, My husband and I go to Pulse Cafe quite often. We love it there and have actually tried almost everything on the menu. Our favorites are the mac & cheese, and I really like the calzones, I’ve had both versions with equal enjoyment. My husband is not a fan of mushrooms, but I’m sure he would like the eggplant calzone.

    We love the soups they offer, my favorite is the corn chowder. I had the pulse burger, the first item I ever had there. It was good, but kinda hard to eat, it all slipped off the bun on me so I made quite the mess of it, but taste wise, it was good.

    The sweet potato wedges are delish, they are not fried, they’re baked (I believe) which is good cuz we do try to be as oil free as possible. My only complaint (if you can call it that) is the “dip” it comes with is just not enough, I’d like perhaps double the amount then I’d be happier.

    I had the seitan cheesesteak, not a fan… not cuz theirs isn’t good, I’m just not a fan of seitan, I keep trying to like it, but just can’t get there. For people who do like seitan, I don’t think they’d be disappointed in any way.

    Another fav of ours is the jalapeno cheese knots. We’ve ordered those with a meal as an app, again, only wish they’d put 6 instead of five, the last one always gets debated over who will get it… I usually concede to my hubby!

    Now concerning the “market”, there are some things they carry I can’t get elsewhere, or at least I haven’t seen where I go. (Whole foods might carry them, but I’ve not gone there). Soy curls are one of those items, although I’ve only had those once, I might consider trying them again, now that I can get them at the Pulse market. They carry Wayfair “non-dairy” products which I discovered at River Valley Coop and we absolutely love. The sour cream and cream cheese are two items we use often. They’re so good!

    Well, what more can I say? If I continue I might need my own blog! LOL I encourage people to check them out, they are the best and we now have our favorite restaurant… Pulse Cafe!

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