29 Million Page Views and Counting….GoNOMAD Going Strong

I got a notice from Google today, one of the so many missives that come daily from the global megalith.   I was informed that as of today, we have had twenty-nine million page views on GoNOMAD Travel since we began publishing in 2000.  Wow.

As we work out way out of the pandemic of 2020, I think back on the very dark days of early March.  Nobody felt safe, and nobody wanted to touch anything.  We brought our groceries home and wiped down every banana, box of cereal and package of chicken…it felt like things would never go back to normal.29 million all time page views. yeah, baby!

But we never stopped doing what we do best, publishing stories and we have not missed a single weekday all year, for that matter, for the past three years.  The page views tell the story of persistence, if you keep publishing, something’s gonna stick.

In fact, some of the stories we published during our dark days shot all the way up to the top 50, which is hard to do when there are more than 4500 articles on the site.  A story we published about what was happening in Escondido, Mexico, for example, got a ton of page views.

Another story that was a star was a story about a cross-country road trip during the worst of it.  I have been spending most of my time during these months going back and looking for the stories that bring the most readers, and tweaking them, as well as fixing many stories from a few years ago to bring them up to a higher level.

It’s all really paying off this month our advertising and page views are bringing the highest returns in our history.  This is the plodding, repetitive work that pays off…I can see that our daily revenues have surged just because the stories are getting more page views,  and thus, we earn more revenue.

Jerry Garcia predicted things like page views go up, then down.
Jerry Garcia predicted things like page views go up, then down.

It’s all encouraging as I continue to work at my co-working space on the third floor above Hawks and Reed.  Here, too, we are getting a few more people willing to come back to the workspace, after being nearly alone for four months. I’m happy here and not as distracted as I used to get at home, and I continue to believe this has been a turning point for me.

I’ve gotten a few things done at the house that I’ve been meaning to deal with–I caulked the side of my tub neatly, and I hired my grandson Nathan to come over and help me dig out the drain in my driveway that was filled with grass and dirt.   I’m growing tomatoes and herbs and jalapeno peppers like never before.

I am keenly aware of the cycles we all go through. In fact, I remember getting a palpable sense of relief once when I watched an interview with Jerry Garcia on TV. He talked about how everything goes around in cycles, and it’s good, then bad, then good, and you never know what’s coming.

But consistently, he asserted, it comes back around to the good times after the bad. I think we’re seeing that now, the slow and steady road back, chastened, but indeed, on the way back up.