New Year’s Eve Isn’t Happening in 2020

One December in 2015 I visited Amsterdam and we tasted the booze in this distillery. Seems to long ago....
One December I visited Amsterdam and we tasted the booze in this distillery. Seems so long ago…this is the kind of thing I really miss in 2020.

New Year’s Eves Some Times Are Special….Other years, not.

New Year’s Eve is always an ambiguous night for me, on the one hand, I’ve had some great moments celebrating the end of each year and other times have been quite forgettable.

I started a new tradition two years back when I decided to go visit my family in New Jersey over New Year’s.  I wrote about it last year.

But one thing that can make you feel rich is knowing exactly what it is that makes you the happiest. Those New Year’s Eves truly made me happy, to have Mary with me and to be surrounded by my family. Perfect.

I spend a tremendous amount of time and energy trying to make trips happen…so that I can experience a Saturday night in a new city, with new friends, learning all about the place and eating the local foods.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than that first morning walking down an unfamiliar street, getting my bearings after a night in a new hotel, about to experience a whole bunch of things in that place.

The visits and the parties were the perfect way for me to toast the new year: A small gathering of about 12 people, my sister Jenny’s always fantastic food, the inclusion of both my other sisters Anne and Caroline and interesting conversation that kept everyone at the dinner table hours after the dishes had been cleared. We played games and had so much fun at the table nobody moved.

Flight departure in Austria, thinking about the lack of New Year's eve festivities.
Flight departure in Austria in 2018.

In 2011, I published a blog post about all of the New Year’s Eves that I could remember, going back ten or 12 years. I enjoy reliving those memories and I am decidedly unhappy about this year and the absolute lack of anything, not even a tiny little dinner party. NADA!

I reflected on this when tried to visit the lobby of my bank and found it to be closed….the cases are going up, the hospitals are getting full, and it’s a nightmare scenario that leaves no room for parties or get-togethers, and soon, no restaurants will be open and major venues will remain shut.

It’s all a big fat Nope. While the vaccines on the horizon offer hope to an end, getting there as all of the authorities are saying, won’t be easy. Someone has to figure out who gets the shots and there are so many millions of us all in line. It’s all a big mess.