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About Me and this Blog, Readuponit

Behind me if Motif No. 1, in Rockport harbor, Massachusetts. About Me
Behind me is Motif No. 1 in Rockport Harbor, Massachusetts.

Since 2004, I’ve been publishing this blog about my life as an editor, frequent traveler, and media and business critic.

It’s called Readuponit because I want to share things I’ve read with you. So you can read up on it with me.

I spend my workdays at my coworking space in Greenfield, reading travel stories and publishing them on GoNOMAD Travel, and working with sponsors and advertising clients to help promote their businesses.

You’ll find theater and music reviews as well as commentary on new books, life in the Valley, and a wide range of topics.  When I travel, I update this blog every day.

I am lucky to have a good woman by my side, and my two grown children living nearby.  My grandchildren, Nathan and Sofie, are a joy to watch grow up and life has unfolded nicely thus far in the journey.