Cindy Sheehan calls for impeachment

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cindy sheehan  northampton ma
Cindy Sheehan, who became an anti- war activist after her son Casey was killed in the Iraq war, spoke at the First Church in Northampton, Mass last night to a full house. Her message was simple and clear. “ When the Bush crime family killed my son, they killed the wrong person, I am only one person, but I will see that they are all held accountable for what they did”. Sheehan called on the crowd to join with her in demanding the impeachment of president Bush. “ This is our country,” she said” It is up to us to save it”

2 Comments on “Cindy Sheehan calls for impeachment

  1. hey dizzy, how about shutting up and quit lying. no one killed your son…..all you are trying to do is cover up your failings as a mother. tell the TRUTH, your son was fixing to get out, be discharged….meaning he didn’t have to go Iraq…..but he chose to re-enlist and go back with his friends…..seems how each time you turn on the fake tears, you forget to tell that bit of truth… just STFU, no one cares about you….you’ve had your 15 minutes…….

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