Month: September 2007

Henry Kissinger

The premier of the film “War Made Easy” in Northampton , MA on Friday was an amazing event. Kudos to everyone who worked on the film. They skillfully showed us how our government’s propaganda machine of past and… Read More

The face of war

I have been to five funerals this year. Yet, I can only imagine what the people in Iraq are going through as they deal with the effects of the war day after day. This is an image I… Read More

WAR MADE EASY: Featuring Norman Solomon,Narrated by Sean Penn

This is the crew of War Made Easy hard at work at The Media Education Foundation: Co- writers and directors Loretta Alper, Jeremy Earp, and editor Andrew Killoy. This is an important film and if you live within… Read More

Abbie Hoffman/ Goodbye Ilya.

I shot this picture of Abby years ago outside the court house in Northampton MA during the CIA on trial project . Shortly after the trial, I attended his funeral after he had taken his life. It was… Read More

The Drunk Stuntmen

Thursday evening the happy valley turned out in force for a benefit concert at Mt Holyoke college. to raise money for Chris Haynes son Sammy. It was a great night for a tragic event. Haynes wife, Heather Egen,… Read More

Patagonia Chile

Lloyd Cole

Vince Neil and the girls gone wild

Vince arrived at Divas night club in Northampton, Mass with a motley crew of strippers in tow after a show in Springfield. They proceeded in true rock star fashion, to drink and frolic in the VIP area at… Read More

Wellfleet MA.

I just spent three days on Cape Cod Mass. We lucked out on the weather, It was beautiful, sunny and warm. Wellfleet has a laid back feeling and the beaches go on forever. We spent one day on… Read More

Art in the park

Greenland, In memory of Alma Olson

This is Alma Olson, the mother of my good friend Goshib–Tupaarnaq Rosing Olson who passed away last month in Greenland. I was fortunate enough to meet her at her home in Sisimiut.

Newburyport reflections


I Just got back from a trip to Newburyport Mass and as always I had a great time. This is my father’s home town and he has a story for every inch of it. Located just 40 minutes… Read More