Abbie Hoffman/ Goodbye Ilya.

abbie hoffman photo by paul shoul

I shot this picture of Abby years ago outside the court house in Northampton MA during the CIA on trial project . Shortly after the trial, I attended his funeral after he had taken his life. It was with great sadness that Northampton gathered yesterday for the funeral of his daughter, Ilya Hoffman, who met the same fate. Just like her fathers, it was sad event filled with love, pain, humor and confusion as to why such a vital and beautiful person would end their life. We will miss you Ilya.

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  1. Ilya was a dear friend of mine for 15 years to ’91, and we had been in contact for a the last few years. I was there at that courthouse if I think that was the same court case battled and won against – Abbie, and Amy Carter battled the unconstitutionality of, and booted some military branch off, of being on the campus Amy was going to. UMass? Amherst? Can’t remember which college it was, but they won, and Abbie was just jubilant.Ilya was an incredibly strong person. She battled a life-threatening incredibly rare and baffling condition since she was off to college. The more you know of Ilya, Amy as she was known as a child, the deeper an understanding of her strength and beauty emerges.If any death could have been prevented is what kills all who are left, the survivors. While we are forever sickened by her loss, and the loss to her community, and close family and friends, through the nauseous confusion, and in attempt to find some sense where there is none, may there be hope that her soul and memory can somehow help prevent other deaths. She is dearly loved.

  2. i have always been a friend of the hoffman family who have always been fighting the good fight for peace and justice….now it grieves me to see a blossoming sister, ilya pass on to the great protest in the sky leaving behind a husband, a son, friends and numerous people, loyal to her father,abbie who was an example to many when it came to fighting warmongers…now we need to keep fighting to topple a neo-nazi scurve named bush….

  3. this explains everything. you have a good eye, and shit for brains.i suggest you “talk” a whole lot less, and let your pictures talk for you.abbie hoffman’s life was dedicated to messing up the lives of others and, apparently, he succeeded in at least on case.

  4. fuck you anonymous. hes was somebody who thinks for themselves. more and more ppl especially in this day and age are starting to think like him so get used to it. america is going to shit because all the conservative people like you want to keep things the way they are in a failing system. you guys fucking want china to own us. or else you want to do nothing to prevent it. as a white male…the government and the old fucks in charge make me ashamed to look like them.

  5. IIlya was my Dys caseworker in the 80s. She showed me about responsibility, humility, honesty. I was under her guidance when Abbey passed on. She took it hard, I would never believe I would find her like this. I let you down Ilya, Ive led a life of crime drugs and imprisonments, but Ill never forget your sweet voice and stern attitude. Rest now my friend. Rest easy, knowing the many lives you touched. Rest easy

  6. Keith Kimball- Sorry about the loss of your friend. I had them on my mind, because I had just watched the movie, Steal This Movie. It’s such a shame to know she is gone as well. How did she pass? May her and her fathers souls be at peace. <3

  7. 1/2016 tho late with discovery of the loss of Sheila’s baby girl, I send my love and memories of teaching Feb. 1970 – May 1970 at Fayreweather St School, Cambridge. I loved knowing Sheila, a dynamic, warm woman and mother. I adored teaching her son and daughter. Their daddy was a bright star, vivid but far away. Their mommy was present, grounded, earthy.

  8. Can’t be certain it was a suicide in either case. Father and daughter

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