Month: November 2007

Zaragoza Spain

Zaragoza street musician

Goya, Chapel of La virgen de la Fuente

In the Town of Muel near Zaragoza Spain is the Chapel of La Virgen de la Fuente. It is a small beautiful place perched on the side of hill over looking a river where a young Goya was… Read More

Belchite Spain

In 1937, the city of Belchite was the last obstacle in the way of the Franco Fascists taking over Zaragoza. 6000 people were killed during the fight for the city. After its destruction, Franco left the bombed out… Read More

Spain Zaragoza street life#2

Spain Zaragoza street life

Caesaraugusta Roman Theatre Museum Zaragoza Spain

In 1972 the Caesaraugusta Roman theatre was discovered during the construction of a new building in Zaragoza. Built in the 1st century, it is right down town and has a great museum full of Roman artifacts and some… Read More

Tapas Zaragoza Spain

My last night in Zaragoza was spent touring the bars and cafes in the old section of town to sample the offerings during the 13 concurso de tapas, a tapas competition. For 7.5 Euros you got three tapas,… Read More

Shepherd Zaragoza Spain

I just got back from Zaragoza, the capital of the autonomous region of Aragon Spain. The taste of good wine,olive oil,and roasted lamb just wont quit. The city is busily getting ready for the upcoming water and sustainable… Read More

The Night Kitchen

One of the benefits of working for preview magazine and traveling around the world for Gonomad is the opportunity to sample some of the best food there is. Last night I went out with some friends to what… Read More

Back to Spain

This is an image I made during my last trip to Spain inside the cathedral in Santiago De Compostela. I love Spain and this Sunday I get to go back, this time to Zaragoza. “This city in the… Read More


Springfield hits the big time

This is the opening spread for an article on Springfield,Mass in the November issue of US Airways Magazine put together by Pace Communications that I did the photography for. Here is the link. check it out, better yet,… Read More