Month: March 2008

Holyoke,MA.91 north closed again by truck turn over

RT 91 is getting to be a difficult drive. Yesterday we had an explosion that killed the driver after his truck carrying gasoline swerved to avoid a car. Today the highway was closed again for 3 hours after… Read More


I remember walking into the dark room where I was to meet Maximon and thinking to my self, “I am far away from home, very far.” According to Wikipedia “Maximón is a saint worshipped in various forms by… Read More

Tibet focus for Taiwan election

I shot this image in Taiwan on my last trip there and am thrilled to be traveling back there in a few weeks. Taiwan will be holding its presidential elections tomorrow and the events in Tibet are of… Read More

In memory of Hal Benoit

Northampton has lost another one of the amazing people that gave us life. I will miss you Hal.This is a link to his my space page if you want to hear his music or leave him a message…. Read More

Tibetans protest Chinese violence

Tibetan members of the New England Cushi Gangdruk, protested the Chinese crackdown and violence in their country today in downtown Northampton Mass. They handed out a statement that read. “We the members of New England Chushi Gangdruk appeal… Read More

Puyuhuapi lodge and spa Patagonia Chile

“A secret south of silence” is how the Puyuhapi lodge and spa describes their experience. In the midst of the wilds of Patagonia you can find luxury and personal care. Here is a link to find out more… Read More

Hotel espacio Y Tiempo La Junta Patagonia Chile

I had the honor of spending a few nights at Espacio Y Tiempo In Patagonia Chile. This mountain Lodge is owned and run by a gracious couple who fed me well and invited over some locals to dance… Read More

What I hate about Cancun Mexico

I love Mexico, I hate Cancun. When I look at it too long I fear that I will turn to stone.

Really Mad Cows, Tizimin Mexico

For about a month, my brother Mark and I lived down wind from a slaughterhouse in Tizimin Mexico. In the afternoon it was best to stay inside and try not to breath. I spent a day photographing the… Read More

Aviarios del Caribe Costa Rica

Aviarios del Caribe is a wildlife sanctuary near one of my favorite parts of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo. A very cool area with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world .Here is link to find out… Read More

Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Ecuador, Western Amazon

This is a story of loss. I had the chance to visit the Tiputini Biodiversity station twice, once for pleasure and adventure and the next time after pitching an assignment. It is long journey to the middle of… Read More

NY Times Travel Show 2008

I just got back from working the crowds along with the rest of the Gonomad crew at the NY Times Travel show. Check out Max’s blog, Readuponit for all the details. It was a great show and a… Read More