Month: October 2008

Gonomad owner Max Hartshorne’s birthday party

Max hosted a great birthday party last night. He hit the big 50 and there was much love in the room as a crowd of friends and family toasted and roasted this amazing man. It was great to… Read More

Katrina Vanden Heuvel / National Priorities Project

Sunday night was the annual fund raising dinner for the National priorities project here in Northampton Mass, They research the real cost of war, and have been featured by national news outlets around the world Provides data on… Read More

Canvassing in New Hampshire for Barack Obama

Last weekend I photographed U.S. Congressman Richard Neal and other volunteers out on the road canvassing for Barack Obama. You can join hundreds of other concerned citizens from Western Massachusetts who have been migrating to New Hampshire on… Read More

Amazing valley light,Northampton,MA.

Mel Gibson, The Edge of Darkness, Northampton Mass.

Hollywood has invaded Northampton, Well, la de da. I’m happy for the local extras and my friends that are working on the crew filming “the Edge of Darkness” staring Mel Gibson, at least they are making some cash… Read More

Virgin Mary appears in Springfield in front of thousands of people.

Life is unsure in America these days, everything has been called into question. Our sons and daughters are dying for nothing in a war that we all know is wrong: the foundations of our finance system are crumbling,:… Read More