Month: January 2009

Taiwan Fireworks and the Year of the OX

I just gt an email from a fellow traveler Paul Ross who was referred to me by Mary Graybill of Eva Air. ( one of my favorite air lines). He wanted to know how to protect himself and… Read More

Lost in Translation,Taiwan

Obama nominates Nanny Flemming as world art Czar

This is my friend Nanny wearing her Obama Tiara. It was her birthday and Obama was being sworn in. Nan was definitely the top celebrity of the day.

Bush out of a job, will work for food

As a healthy crowd of proud Americans at the Paradise city Tavern in Northampton, Mass. watched the acceptance speech of Barack Obama A life size George bush appeared outside the window holding a sign that said. “WILL WORK… Read More

Walking the dog

I went up to the Chesterfield gorge to photograph dog sledders today. It was COLD, but beautiful

Reading shadows

Douz Tunisia

Douz is the gateway to the Shara desert in Tunisia, from this point on it is endless sand dunes.

Kairouan Mosque of Tunisia

The Kairouan Mosque, Tunisia

Sunset in Tunis

Sidi Bou Said Tunisia