Month: February 2009

Baby Ducks Portugal

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Denmark

Here is a link to check out this really cool Museum just out side of Copenhagen in Denmark

Gypsy Apple Bistro. My new favorite restaurant

This is the chef and owner of the Gypsy Apple Bistro Michelangelo Wescott at work. As the photographer for Preview magazine , I spend a lot of time behind the scenes capturing the action in the areas finest… Read More

San Pedro de Atacama Chile by the fire

Peter Heller and Max Hartshorne at the Adobe restaurant in San Pedro De Atacama,Chile.2006

Asleep on the job. Kaohsiung Taiwan.

The New York Comic Convention

Andrew Zimmern

Greetings from the big city. I am at the NY Times travel show with What a show!!! This is the host of Bizarre foods,Andrew Zimmern with two of his fans, Ethan and Stephan Baker


Evil sinister squirrel

I love nature and all of Gods creations, except this little bastard who lives in my roof and mocks me every morning on my deck eating chunks off my house.