Month: March 2009

Daniel Goleman

Last week I had the pleasure of working for some of our outstanding fellow members of the planet. One of them was Daniel Goleman who I had up to the studio for a portrait session. He was extremely… Read More

Three Marias (Las Tres Marias) San Pedro de Atacama Chile

Guggenheim Bilbao

ONYX Fusion Bar and Restaurant Springfield MA

I was just down at Onyx for the first time to shoot a spread for the upcoming may issue of Preview Mag. I was impressed. A great scene, the most dramatic room in the valley ( a 16… Read More

Sidi Bou Said,Tunisia

Porto,Portugal-City Hall

Naked Boy

Naked boy:This is a shot I took during a WTO protest in Washington DC. While I was running through the park from one anarchist confrontation with the police to another. I came across naked boy having a picnic… Read More

Mayan woman Chitzen itza Mexico

Spoleto Northampton Mass.

This is a shot I did today of Claudio, the owner of Spoleto Restaurant in Northampton Mass to advertise their new $20 menu. I believe the copy for the add will read ” I chop my food and… Read More

Bermeo Spain

In Like a Lion, March snow storm in New England