Naked Boy

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Naked boy:
This is a shot I took during a WTO protest in Washington DC. While I was running through the park from one anarchist confrontation with the police to another. I came across naked boy having a picnic with some of his friends. I always found this image to be both amusing and disturbing at the same time. He was just so out of place with the violence that was happening all around him.

3 Comments on “Naked Boy

  1. I don’t think so….more like “I’ too tired to argue any more, so….” I like it emensly…..

  2. I don’t think it’s disturbing at all. It’s beautiful and how things should be – he chooses to be naked, they choose to be clothed, nobody forced, and they live in harmony together.

  3. that picture is beautiful, men are the stronger sex and responsible for all the wars, for a man to strip away all his clothes and be exposed surrounded by women brings himself and the clothed women around him to the same level and shows they are both human

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