Month: May 2010

Plastic BB guns look real.Taiwan street life.

Real looking plastic BB gun Taipei Taiwan

Shanghai spicy frog soup

Shanghai spicy frog soup at first seems to be an impossible thing to eat. Most of the food I encountered in China was rather mild and in Shanghai was generally sweet but this met all my expectations of… Read More

Poppy Portrait

Portrait of a Poppy

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Nanjing China

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum  Nanjing China

Getting Tongued

This is one of the first images from a series called” The Farmer”  I have begun on the Jasinski farm in Northampton MA. As I was shooting this cow extended his tongue and tried to see what I… Read More

The Enigma

Recently I have been searching through some images to see if anybody has  been ripping me off around the web. Well ,there are too many to mention but this image of the Enigma that I shot in my… Read More

A moment in time. Jakes diner Northampton.

I shot this for a cool  project by lens, the photo blog of the NY Times. On May 2nd at exactly 11:00 Am, photographers all over the world recorded a simultaneous moment in time.On any given Sunday for… Read More

Salt lake Chott El Jerid, Tunisia,

On the streets of Ny city

A homeless man on the streets of New York city foraging for lunch.

anti nuclear protest dog with sign piss on nukes

Piss on Nukes. Vermont Yankee to shut down!

I took this image of the dog with the piss on nukes sign on its back years ago at a protest of the Vermont nuclear power plant near Brattleboro. It was turned into a poster and has graced… Read More

The Nanjing massacre memorial

In 1937 japan began what would be one of histories darkest events. The invasion of Nanjing China resulted in the massacre of over 300,000 People during the span of only six weeks. The official orders from the Japanese… Read More

The bird man of the Shanghai subway

A journey to the top of the Shanghai world financial center