Month: June 2010

Oyster farming in Rhode Island

Max Harshorne from rides along with Perry Rasso out to his Oyster farm in RI. Check out Perry’s Restaurant at  Matunuck Oyster Bar.

Dropping in to say hello

A  balloonist floats just above the ground in Northampton.

Big Bad Bollocks. Still bad after all these years

The Big Bad Bollocks 2oth anniversary show at the Sierra Grill. Still Bad after all these years

Fishing Rhode Island

It was raining on the docks of  Rhode Island as I waited to go aboard the charter boat the Snappa for a day of deep sea fishing. Ryan the mate  washed down the decks and prepped the boat…. Read More

The Malarians at the Sierra Grill

The Bay State Hotel in Northampton Mass. was one of the great music clubs on the planet. During the mid 90’s bands from around the world played there. There was no faking it, the audience was inches from… Read More

Your TV is watching you

This is from a series of images about TV watching us that I have been working on for the Media Education Foundation.

Storm light in the meadows

The light in the valley around Northampton Mass when a storm goes through and the sun drops below the clouds is amazing. I keep going back to this shed in out in the corn fields when it gets… Read More

Pierre the French Bulldog

French Bulldogs may be the cutest dogs I have ever encountered. This is Pierre, a Dog model I photographed for Malley O’Hare for her new line of Dog clothes soon to be unveiled on this site.

Yuyuan Garden Shanghai

Feeding the gold fish in Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Town farm members planting in Northampton MA