Month: July 2010

Flying bugs

On the road in Baja California I came across this abandoned Volkswagen bug. A warning of the dangers ahead.

Jersey Boy Buddha

Jersey boy Buddhas, Newark airport train station.

Mel Gibson racist violent sexist crazy rant caught on tape

Here it is folks. Mel Gibson’s racist violent sexist crazy tape is on You Tube for all to hear. Just like the last time Gibson got busted for his drunken anti Semitic  ramblings, his Hollywood machine will unleash… Read More

Go Spain!

Another octopus in Spain predicting the out come of the world cup.

Heat wave cravings

Last night it was 92 sweating degrees in my apartment. After 6 days of this Ive decided that Fernando de Noronha, an island off the coast of Brazil is the place on the planet I must go immediately…. Read More

Kiss of the Lamprey

A lamprey eel, considered a delicacy in Galicia, is displayed out side a restaurant in Santiago de Compostela.

On the street Northampton