Las Fallas Festival Valencia Spain

las fallas valencia spain

las fallas valencia spain

las fallas valencia spain children lighting fireworksThe Las Fallas festival in Valencia Spain is hard to put into words. It is one of those “you have to have been here to get it” events. People construct huge paper mache scenes from the whimsical to those that satirize politics and world events. In the end, they burn them all down which I will go to see tonight. The whole city sounds like a war zone as some of the worlds largest fire works displays are set off as people roam the streets winging firecrackers everywhere day and night, what a party. Aside from the entire city being half deaf and sleep deprived it is the most cathartic event I have ever witnessed.

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  1. Queria muito essa boneca gigante para mim de estimação kkkkkkkk muitos abraços

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