Month: June 2011

las fallas young queens

Las Fallas Valencia

The young queens of Las Fallas

new york subway musician

NY subway musician

NY subway musician

oporto portugal photo © paul shoul

The Sandeman Mix it up contest to win a trip to Oporto Portugal!

The contest is for Sandeman Port and asks consumers to create an original cocktail with Sandeman Founder’s Reserve.  After you create the drink, just take a photo of your cocktail and email the recipe to by June 15.  Then Sandeman… Read More

Springfield Tornado Slideshow and links to help out

The morning after the Springfield tornado I spent the day walking the city with Nancy Cohen from WNPR documenting the damage from the storm and people’s efforts to try reconstruct their lives. Here is a link to a… Read More

Tornado Springfiled MA

Springfield Tornado

The Tornado that ripped through Springfield Mass yesterday left the survivors happy to still be alive, yet overwhelmed as to how to undo the damage done. As I walked through the streets today I was shocked at just… Read More

Bill Dwight campaign kick off speech for city concilor at large northampton mass

Vote Bill Dwight for Northampton City Councilor at-large

Bill Dwight is a man we all look up to, well, not all of us. The only man larger and taller than Bill in the valley is State representative Peter Kocot ( Democrat Northampton)  who was there yesterday… Read More