Month: February 2012

las fallas valencia

Valencia Las Fallas

  Valencia is a beautiful city to visit any time of the year, but for the next month, building up to a crescendo during march 15h -19th, one of the great festivals on the planet is about to… Read More

The shoul shawl being worn by Rohna Shoul photographed by Paul Shoul

The Shoul

This is my fabulous Mother Rohna Shoul wearing a shawl called the Shoul, photographed by her son Paul Shoul. You gotta love it. Originally I contacted the makers of the Shoul just for the novelty of being able… Read More

sled dogs northampton mass

The Dogs of Northampton

Driving home from lunch today, I passed by a  dog sledders truck parked on the corner of Pearl and Main in Northampton.

young at heart chorus florence mass john rhinehart

The Young at Heart Chorus

I love the Young at heart chorus. Every time I photograph them, a little bit of their uber energy rubs off on me, and I feel hopeful for the world again. Last week I shot them during a… Read More

Greg Speeter founder of the national priorities project dies at 68

Greg Speeter

Every life is precious. There are some who take that to heart and dedicate their life’s influence beyond the circle of their loved ones to helping all of us. Greg Speeter, who passed away last Thursday at age… Read More

Megan LaBonte

Megan LaBonte

PeopleView: Megan LaBonte Daily inspiration in multiple media From Preview Massachusetts Wednesday, February 01, 2012 By Tom Sturm Photography By Paul Shoul Photographer and multimedia artist Megan LaBonte was born and raised in the Pioneer Valley, and typically… Read More