Month: May 2012

Busan fish market south Korea

Jagalchi Fish market Busan South Korea

The Jagalchi  fish market in Busan South Korea is the largest in the country. I only had a short time there, but was dazzled by the amount and variety of creatures harvested from the ocean. This is definitely… Read More

The Paradores of Spain and the route of Don Quixote slideshow

watch?v=JxC2FKPru5w&feature=share&list=UUpbo4FGfGJoQe4E93OtJ4xw The Paradores of Spain and the route of Don Quixote offer travelers a unique opportunity to follow in the foot steps of Miguel de Cervantes famous character from his novel, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La… Read More

Doll head with fly. Northampton antique store window

Help! I can’t move my arms and there is a fly on my head!

I shot this bizarre little doll in the window the antique gallery in Northampton. He had no hands to scratch his head. It drove me crazy.

preview massachusetts magazine may cover photo the yarn farmer

Preview Massachusetts May 2012

My new cover of Preview Mass. magazine.

Northhampton pride march 2012

Northampton Gay Pride march slideshow 2012: Mayors and US senate candidate Elizabeth Warren hail historic moment

Elizabeth Warren, Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz, Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, and Senator Stan Rosenberg , were just a few of the thousands of people who marched through the streets of Northampton Ma on Saturday. Check out the slide… Read More

Elizabeth Warren pride rally and march Northampton 2012

Elizabeth Warren, Pride March Northampton 2012

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was greeted by enthusiastic crowd at at the Northampton pride rally and march 2012 .

saffron Consuegra Spain

Saffron, The Gold of Consuegra

  This is  a pile of freshly picked Saffron from Consuegra, Spain. Many feel that is the best in the world. To learn more about Spanish Saffron, follow this link to Oro de Consuegra .

Mars, the first press trip.

The First Press Trip to Mars

After three years of traveling across the lonely expanse of space, the first press trip to mars finally landed on the martian surface. As the journalists stepped onto the surface of the red planet to record the first… Read More

two girls escape from church in Alcalá de Henares Spain

Escape from the Church

Two girls escape from church in Alcalá de Henares Spain.