Bardo Museum Tunisia

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bardo museum Tunis Tunisia
The National Bardo museum in Tunis, Tunisia.

My heart goes out to Tunisia and to the families of those killed during the terrorist attack the Bardo museum in Tunis yesterday. I traveled to Tunisia in 2009. I remember being somewhat nervous before the trip. It was my first time in a Muslim country, I am Jewish, and Israel was bombing the hell out of Gaza at the time. When I brought this up to a Tunisian woman I had met, she said ” don’t worry, we do not think all Jews are the Israeli army, just as we  do not think that all Americans are George Bush….. that would be crazy” With so many Americans lumping all Muslims together with terrorist extremists, I found her statement to be refreshingly intelligent. I was greeted with open arms in Tunisia, it remains one of my favorite trips and regardless of this attack I will be going back.

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  1. I also traveled to Tunis in 2013 and I enjoyed my trip there very much. We were in a Mediterranean cruise trip and the trip to Tunis was one of my high lights. You have spoken great words here and I quite agree. I hope that they would find more peace there, and everywhere really 🙂

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