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Women’s March 2018 Northampton,MA.

Fantastic turnout today at 2018 women’s march in Northampton MA.

Portrait of a Spanish Shepherd.

  Extremadura Spain. A portrait of a Spainish shepherd. I love Extremadura, Often over looked by travelers, this region on the boarder with Portugal has spectacular landscapes, amazing food, and some of the  most well preserved Roman ruins… Read More

Portugal: Ria Formosa Salt Harvesting

Harvesting Flor de Sal at the Ria Formosa Salt Pans In the Algarve, Portugal.

Spain: Tenerife Carnival Vixens

An image from my story “Tenerife’s Wild Carnival“.  “Historically, Carnival is the last chance to party for Catholics before 40 days of Lent, a time of penance, sacrifice, and reflection. There will be no abstinence tonight and much… Read More

Nuno’s Grill & Pizza. Good and cheap food in the Algarve, Portugal

Love it when I find a place that has great food at a reasonable price. Nuno’s is simple, casual and fantastic. The fish is as fresh as you can get. R. Gen. Humberto Delgado C, 8700-011 Fuseta, Portugal

TIvoli Carveoiro Algarve Resort

The TIvoli Carveoiro Algarve Resort in Portugal is a great example of a 5 star hotel done right. Great food, dance parties by the pool and spacious rooms. It is a  happening place and the staff are exemplary…. Read More

Algarve Horse, Portugal.

A simple scenario. A horse in a field in the Algarve region of Portugal.

A Fishing Boat in Salema. Algarve, Portugal.

A fishing boat crew cleans their nets on the Algarve coast, Salema, Portugal.  

Portugal, Algarve,Faro, Stork Nest.

Portugal, Algarve,Faro, Stork Nest.

Eating Algarve. Grilled Sardines.

Wonderful grilled sardines. Eating Algarve Food Tours, Faro, Portugal.

The Birdman of Lisbon, Portugal.

The Birdman of Lisbon. Waterfront Praca Do Comercio, Quay Pillars.

Octopus pots, Salema, Algarve, Portugal.

Octopus pots, Salema, Algarve, Portugal.

Sunset on the Azores

A magnificent sunset on Pico Island in the Portuguese Azores.

Azores Pico Island Portugal

On Pico Island in his home distillery,Augusto Silva shows me the fruits of his labor from which he makes his sweet liquor.His stone walled vineyards of Verdelho grapes are within the Unesco World heritage site in the Criaco… Read More

Costa Rica Flash Dance

A happy accident. Often I “drag the shutter” when shooting flash. Using a shutter speed of 1 second or more, the speed of the flash freezes motion while the background swirls. While Photographing this dancer in Costa Rica… Read More

Compass Youth Collaborative

What a pleasure it has been to work with the Compass Youth Collaborative and the Compass Peace builders out on the streets of the North end of Hartford. Only an hour away from Northampton yet worlds apart. Looking… Read More

Extremadura, Spain: Trujillo’s Conquistadors and Plasencia.

Check out my new story from Extremadura Spain on Gonomad

Extremadura. Savoring the Taste of Spain

Check out my new story on Extremadura Spain featured on “Savoring the Tastes“

Trujillo Spain.

The city of Trujillo in Extremadura , Spain, feels unchanged by the passage of time. The home of the conquistadors who changed the world in the 16th century, It is a must see destination if you are in… Read More

#36th Annual NOHO Pride March 2017

Over 35,000 people turned out for the 36th annual NOHO pride march this year in the paradise of America, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Extravaganja 2017 It takes a village to light a bong

Extravaganja 2017 Northampton, Mass.  It takes a village to light a bong.

Extravaganja 2017

Extravaganja 2017. Northampton, Mass.

Japan Travel Kicking it in Kanto

Check out my new story on travel in Japan, “Kicking it in Kanto” at


Boy and bronze mask, Teatro Guimera, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, spain, canary islands.

The Johnny Memphis Band. Luthiers, East Hampton,MA.

The Johnny Memphis Band. Luthiers, East Hampton,MA.    

Tokyo Bay Japan.

Tokyo rises from the waters of the Sumida River.

Unagi In Narita Japan

Grilling Unagi (eel) in Narita Japan at Kawatoyo. A spectacular dish. The Unagi is cooked three times. Grilled, steamed and a final grilling in sauce to reach a luxurious finish. Really good.

Taproot Magazine

I’m very happy to be in the winter addition of Taproot. ” the magazine for makers, doers and dreamers”. These are first hand stories from people sharing their real life stories. I photographed Emmet Van Driesche’s article ,… Read More

Japan. Boating in Sawara.

Boat ride on The Onogawa river in Sawara in Japan. A beautiful city with ancient traditional streets and houses.

Nevis, Pictures of Paradise. A slideshow from the Caribbeans most beautiful Island.

Follow this link to check out my images from Nevis. Nevis, West Indies: Pictures of Paradise